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Long Beach deserves a strong, independent and trial-tested City Attorney. Challenging police violence and public corruption and defending residents from environmental crimes and fraud are the City Attorney's responsibilities. Incompetence in our City Attorney's office costs our taxpayers millions every year in unnecessary legal expenses and lost court judgments. I know this because I've spent years in court winning cases that never should have gone to trial. Millions better spent on improving schools, police service and public works have been wasted. Why? Only one Long Beach City Attorney election has been genuinely contested since 1964. 

Matthew Pappas, Civil Rights Lawyer


Matthew Pappas
Candidate for Long Beach City Attorney
Civil Rights Lawyer

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For 50 years, incumbent City Attorneys have retired in mid-term, ensuring that their successors would be appointed without an election. Just six months ago, a new City Attorney was appointed by a unanimous City Council vote. He is our former City Attorney's nephew. ​ This must end. 

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